• “Once a four-person shop, the all-Republican CGCN Group has quadrupled in size, adding a public affairs component to complement its all-star team of lobbyists.”
  • “...knows the makeup of each member of what they can and can’t do, and what they are most concerned about.”
  • “CGCN Group. . . rocketed up in revenue. . . quadrupled in size in recent years and has growing revenue to match.”
  • "Well connected..."
  • "CGCN Group, the plugged-in GOP lobbying firm."
  • "...possesses political, policy, and communications savvy."
  • "CGCN Group continued to demonstrate outstanding performance. It’s the only firm that has met Bloomberg Government’s top-performer standards for every edition of the rankings."
  • "The all-Republican firm has built a reputation for knowing how to talk to the party hardliners who used to be called insurgents but now, in Trump’s Washington, are ascendant."
  • "[CGCN Group]...knows how to kill legislative threats to their clients."
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    "Members like them and staffers trust them."
  • "…friends in high places."
  • "One of the last all-Republican shops on K Street, this firm keeps close ties to GOP leadership in the House and Senate."
  • "The roster of CGCN Group reads as a who's who of Beltway Insiders."
  • “offer clients an exceptionally well-rounded view of the legislative process.”
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    "…steady, hard working and respected by everyone…"
  • “…this nimble GOP shop…”
  • "...set the standard for what a...lobby shop can be."