The CGCN Team

Matt Rhodes Headshot
Matt Rhoades
  • Romney/Ryan 2012 Presidential Campaign Manager
  • Co-founder of a bipartisan cybersecurity initiative, Defending Digital Campaigns
  • Past leadership positions in PACs, the Republican National Committee and at the White House
Sam Geduldig Head Shot
Sam Geduldig
  • Former Senior Advisor to then Majority Whip Roy Blunt
  • Former staffer for the House Financial Services Committee and then Speaker John Boehner
  • Successful record of building unconventional coalitions and issue advocacy campaigns
Michael Catanzaro
President and Chief Policy Officer
  • Former Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Energy and Environmental Policy, White House National Economic Council
  • Former Deputy Staff Director, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee with Sen. Jim Inhofe
  • Former Senior Policy Advisor to then Speaker John Boehner
Antonia Ferrier
Chief Strategic Communications Officer
  • Former senior aide for Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate Finance Committee, and then Majority Whip Roy Blunt
  • Experienced communications professional the Washington Post called “A top Republican message guru”
Mike Nielsen
Chief Finance and Management Officer
  • Accomplished financial services and appropriations advisor
  • Professional Staff and Subcommittee Staff Director on the Senate Banking Committee for over a decade.
  • Extensive work as a Senate staffer and outside consultant on appropriations issues.
Tracey Schmitt Headshot
Tracey Schmitt
Senior Partner
  • Former RNC Press Secretary, Senior Spokesperson at Bush 2004 & McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign
  • Former Senior Vice President of Global Public Affairs at Emergent BioSolutions​
  • Founder of Matador
John Stipicevic
Chief Advocacy Officer
  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Leader Kevin McCarthy for Floor Operations and Member Services
  • Former Director of Floor Operations to then Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy
  • Former floor aide to then Majority Whip Roy Blunt and Minority Whip Eric Cantor
Jay Cranford
Senior Partner
  • Former committee and leadership policy aide
  • Accomplished energy, environment, technology and telecommunications policy advisor
  • Client services approach enhanced by private sector experience in both the corporate and trade association space
Steve Clark
Founder and Chairman
  • Former Manager of Government Affairs for Ohio Bell Telephone Co
  • Former Vice President of Public Affairs for Ameritech/ SBC
  • Recognized by The Ohio Chamber of Commerce as Ohio’s Top Corporate Lobbyist
Image of Michael Bailey IT Director
Micheal Bailey
IT Director
  • Expertise in IT operations: deployment, IT infrastructure, configuration, network, and servers
  • Experienced in cybersecurity, risk assessment, & security policies.
Eva Bandola
Vice President
  • Former Senior Communications Director at Definers Public Affairs
  • Former Senior Account Manager at Trident DMG
Julia Comiskey
Senior Vice President
  • Former Vice President, Partnerships & Special Assistant at Definers Public Affairs
  • Former Deputy War Room Director at Romney for President
Katherine Coughlin
Senior Policy Advisor
  • Former counsel to Sen. John Cornyn for immigration and health care.
  • Former counsel for then Chairman Orrin Hatch, Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Former Special Assistant, Civil Division, Department of Justice.
Janelle Gardner
Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Over a decade of experience inside the federal government, both in Congress and the Executive branch
  • Served as a key member of President Trump’s beachhead team facilitating the transition at the Department of Labor
Amanda Horne
  • Former Staff Assistant to Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Former intern at the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Public Affairs
Tim Killeen
  • Experienced communication professional with experience in energy, healthcare, and financial services
  • Former campaign advisor to Rep. Liz Cheney and Republican National Committee official
Amber Kirchhoefer
  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Pat Roberts
  • Experienced policy advisor in health care, appropriations, agriculture and trade
Tatum Martinez
Director of Client Relations
  • Works to streamline every facet of client relations at CGCN to remove friction and deliver results.
  • Serves as Executive Director for CGCN Partner United By Interest
Riley McCormick Headshot
Riley McCormick
Communications Associate
  • Former intern to Rep. Yvette Herrell
  • Former intern at Berman and Company
Lauren O’Donnell
Director of Human Resources & Compliance
  • Expertise in Human Resource Management
  • Experience with compliance matters relating to the lobbying industry
Katie O’Neil
Vice President
  • Experienced in nearly every aspect of digital communication strategy
  • Former Senior Digital Director at Definers Public Affairs
  • Former Digital Manager at Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce
Tim Pataki
  • Former Assistant to the President and Director, White House Office of Public Liaison
  • Former Senior Advisor & Director of Coalitions and Member Services, House Energy & Commerce Committee, then Chairman Fred Upton
  • Former leadership aide to then Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Alex Renjel
  • Former aide to Sen. Jim Inhofe
  • Former senior aide for Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, where he helped pass multiyear transportation legislation
Scott Riplinger
  • Former senior aide to Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Mike Crapo
  • Accomplished financial services, tax, appropriations and commerce policy advisor
Courtney Schneider
Director of Finance and Accounts Management
  • Former Brokerage Investment Professional at Vanguard
  • Manages CGCN’s finances and accounting process
  • Expertise in a variety of administrative duties, including scheduling and coordinating meetings for partners and clients
Merrill Smith
  • Former Special Assistant to the VP for Public Affairs, The White House
  • Developed the Bush-Cheney 2004 comms strategy for the Midwest region
  • Former communications advisor to Fortune 50 corporations, philanthropic foundations and trade associations
Aaron Szabo
  • Former White House staff for Presidents Trump & Obama
  • Worked with career and political staff at various agencies
  • Expertise in energy, environmental and regulatory policy
Peter Ventimiglia
  • Former Managing Director at Koch Industries overseeing external communications
  • Helped develop Koch’s first corporate reputation campaign
  • Former Executive Vice President at Edelman