Even in the digital age, relationships drive decision-making in Washington. We work hard to connect our clients with the people who will decide the fate of their legislative and regulatory priorities. We rely on our contacts and experience to help clients see around corners.

Direct Outreach

We work closely with all members of Congress because little happens without the rank-and-file.

Strategic Intelligence

We provide real-time intelligence to help clients see around corners.

Legislative & Regulatory Strategy

We develop strategies to help clients navigate difficult legislative and regulatory challenges.

Coalition Building

We identify and organize activists, policy experts and other influential voices.

Grassroots Deployment

We recruit activists and other supporters to make our clients’ case back in members’ districts.

Due Diligence

We help businesses research and the legislative and regulatory landscape to inform strategic decisions.

Strategic Communications

Public-policy fights are no longer decided just in the halls of Congress. Companies, industry groups and nonprofit causes increasingly need to sway voters and outside opinion-makers. We help clients amplify their message in the corridors of power – and beyond.

Message Development

We utilize a data-driven approach to craft messages that resonate with influential audiences like policymakers, investors, and targeted demographic groups.

Media Outreach

We work as closely with emerging news outlets as we do with the big mainstream stalwarts, and we train and position our clients for success when they need to interact with the media.


We conduct exhaustive research on behalf of a range of clients in the corporate, legal, and public policy spaces looking to influence key audiences.

Content Creation

We generate everything from long-form written content to social media posts, graphics, and video.


We develop interactive, content and distribution strategies to make our
clients’ case online; effectively reaching targeted audiences across digital platforms and wherever they consume news and information.

Reputation and Crisis Management

We help our clients navigate the toughest perception challenges and position them for long-term reputational success.