K Street’s CGCN Group picks up big names from Definers

The CGCN Group, a K Street shop known for its deep GOP connections, is scooping up Matt Rhoades and Antonia Ferrier from the communications and opposition research firm Definers Public Affairs.

By Kate Ackley, CQ

Rhoades, who managed the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign, will serve as co-CEO, along with GOP lobbyist Sam Geduldig, of CGCN. Ferrier is a former Republican congressional aide, most recently working for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Geduldig said the reorganization of his firm, especially the big-name additions, was expected to boost CGCN. The shop will offer an integrated campaign-style approach for clients with lobbying, communications, and advocacy work, he said.

“Matt Rhoades has been at the pinnacle of presidential, national politics, and I just cannot believe how fortunate we are to have Matt and Antonia come and join our firm and take it to the next level,” Geduldig said.

Geduldig said Ferrier brought him and Rhoades together earlier this year to discuss a possible move.  

Mike Catanzaro, who left the firm to serve in the Trump administration until 2018, and then returned, will be CGCN’s president and chief policy officer. Catanzaro was special assistant to the president for domestic energy and environmental policy at the National Economic Council. He said he hoped to expand the firm’s work in health care, trade and other policy matters. Mike Nielsen will be chief financial officer, Jay Cranford will be senior partner, and Steve Clark will remain as founder and chairman.

“This new team is going to take this firm to a whole new level,” Catanzaro said. “These are experienced, seasoned strategists who understand the 360-degree landscape in Washington, D.C.”

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