NYT: Chris Christie Donor List Includes High Profile Names

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey released a list on Wednesday of dozens of Republican donors and business executives who will raise money for his presidential campaign, seeking to demonstrate that he will have the financial wherewithal to compete in the party’s crowded field.

Meg Whitman, the wealthy tech executive, will join the campaign as a national finance co-chairwoman. Ms. Whitman, a former candidate for California governor, is one of the more prominent Republican names to back Mr. Christie.

Other finance co-chairmen include Ken Langone, the Home Depot co-founder and a longtime Christie booster, and Jeff Fox, a Missouri businessman whose family are among the most prominent Republican donors in the state.

Mr. Christie will also be relying on several longtime allies from New Jersey and Washington. His fund-raisers include Gary Goldring, a top Goldman Sachs executive, and several well-connected Washington lobbyists, including Sam Geduldig and Dave Tamasi.

Some of those backing Mr. Christie are boldface names in the New York City region. They include Steven A. Cohen, whose former hedge fund paid more than a billion dollars in fines as part of an insider trading investigation, and Nick Loeb, a businessman locked in a high-profile dispute with a former fiancée, the actress Sofia Vergara, over custody of frozen embryos.