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Many of the major decisions currently being debated in Washington will have a direct impact on families and individuals in the poorest and most overlooked parts of our nation. If your business wants to influence public policy to make life better for these communities, the teams at CGCN Group and United By Interest (UBI) want to work with you!

Many people talk about bipartisanship, but we’re known for something better that we like to call “cross-partisanship.” The poorest 100 Congressional districts are heavily represented both by House Freedom Caucus members and Black Congressional Caucus members. While these two groups are often seen as polar opposites, they both care immensely about things like improving local infrastructure, keeping utility bills down, and ensuring that constituents have access to basic banking needs. It’s not about compromise. It’s about building powerful coalitions around the issues that unite us.

UBI’s non-traditional approach to coalition-building combined with CGCN’s best-in-class advocacy and communications capabilities mean we’re poised to take on any challenge by approaching it from every available angle. From the grassroots all the way to the most exclusive halls of power, CGCN and UBI will build an integrated strategy to engage the right people to deliver the results you need.


How can we help you?

Areas of Expertise

Financial Services

Well-meaning financial regulations often end up restricting access or raising costs on banking for those who can least afford it. All too often, voices warning about these unintended consequences are never heard.

CGCN and UBI can mobilize both activists and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and take their case to key decision-makers in Congress and the administration to ensure that bad legislation doesn’t have a chance to adversely impact our most at-risk communities.

Energy Production and Utilities

We believe that we can have a healthy environment without pushing needless cost increases onto American families. Our nation should be relying on proven technologies that lower emissions while providing reliable outputs.

The CGCN team has extensive experience shaping energy policy while the team at UBI is ready to mobilize a bi-partisan coalition in Congress that understands what even a modest cost increase means for America’s poorest citizens.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare is a top issue across the nation, but it’s especially pressing in the poorest communities. There is a strong desire on both sides of the aisle to find solutions that increase access to both drugs and care.

Our combined teams can help you get the support you need to make the strongest possible case for smart reforms on this critical issue.

Tech and Telecom

Reliable Internet access has become crucial to success, and new technology is being developed far faster than government can keep up. The poorest communities need advocates with a long-term vision to keep them connected.

Our teams have extensive experiencing advocating for issues relating to everything from broadband to 5G. We can help you craft and deliver a compelling message about why government needs to pay attention and take action.


It’s a simple fact: the poorest districts have the worst infrastructure. Their Representatives are motivated to make it better, but they need bi-partisan solutions to make it happen.

UBI has a history of success advocating for infrastructure legislation with far-reaching benefits, and the CGCN team has the connections and experience to turn innovative ideas into active public policy.


Advocacy and Cross-Partisan Congressional Coalitions

Our experts will help you build smarter, more effective strategies that reflect the true power centers in Congress and the political environment. Starting legislation with moderate members and working ideologically outward is a failed model in this era. Minority members and conservative Republicans make up the most powerful wings of each party’s base and represent the poorest congressional districts.

UBI works to unite poor rural Republican constituencies with poor urban Democratic ones on issues that align the base of both parties.

CGCN connects clients with the people who will decide the fate of their legislative and regulatory priorities. We rely on our contacts and experience to help clients be ready for the challenges ahead.

Public Relations and Communications

Our combined teams offer full-service PR and communications to help you craft the right message and identify the best strategy to reach diverse audiences with powerful voices, delivered in the mediums that matter.

Our experts have managed presidential campaigns and held key communications positions in the White House and Senate. They know everything from traditional press to the latest digital tools and can make sure that your message will not be ignored!

Relationship Building

Long-term success depends on strong relationships. We help you identify and connect with influential people in both traditional and non-traditional roles. These relationships can make all the difference in the uncertain days ahead.


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