CGCN Group is an advocacy and strategic communications firm that specializes in helping corporations, non-profits and trade associations navigate complex legislative and regulatory issues. We provide outreach to key policymakers, gather strategic intelligence and offer a full suite of tools for media and grassroots communication to impact the policy decisions critical to our clients.

  • We have the relationships with decision makers at the top – but also with the grassroots and every level in between.

  • We can confidently say that we are the most well-connected Republican lobbying firm with leaders in federal agencies, Congress, and White House.

    But we don’t stop there. We don’t even start there. We understand that driving change often starts from the bottom up and outside in.

    We help our clients craft strategies that start by building the right relationships and coalitions with everyday voters, activists, non-profits, businesses, and trade groups. We maintain relationships with rank-and-file members and even with members across the aisle.

    When we approach top decision makers, we don’t do it alone. We come with a strategic network of supporters that put faces on the need for change.

  • We have the expertise because we’ve been there.

  • We know what arguments drive legislative and regulatory debates because we spent much of our careers working alongside key policymakers and members of the media, or in the jobs they occupy.

    Our partners have held in key positions on the Hill, in the Trump administration, at the helm of Presidential campaigns, and in corporate America. Our first-hand knowledge and personal networks are second to none.

    And it’s not just about our past work. All of our partners are proud members of the Republican Party and have stayed engaged and active personally as well as professionally.

  • We pair traditional lobbying with strategic communications for maximum effectiveness.

  • We added a strategic communications practice to our highly regarded advocacy team because we realized it’s essential to getting the job done. Our team knows how to craft persuasive messages and deliver them to the right audience through the right channel. We reinforce our clients’ case to policymakers by driving media coverage and building grassroots coalitions that add voters’ voices directly into the debate.

  • We understand that having the right information is pivotal, and we know how to get it.

  • We help clients anticipate decisions before the rest of the world reads about them in the newspaper or on Twitter. We have years of research experience that we pair with our knowledge about what signals to look for to understand what’s to come. That expertise and strategic intelligence improves our odds of shaping outcomes before they are announced.

  • We have a proven history of success.

  • We have routinely played a part in getting major legislation to the president’s desk and seen decisions through to the end in government agencies. Our client list speaks for itself – Fortune 500 companies stick with us because we get results for them time and time again.