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But Antonia Ferrier, a former spokeswoman for Mr. McConnell, said he would not be this adamant if he were not reflecting the will of the Senate Republican conference. “The left trying to move Senator McConnell with shame or pressure is like trying to move Mount Everest with a light breeze,” she said.

“In this incoming Congress, there’s nothing that’s going to become law that House Republicans won’t have a say in,” said John Stipicevic, head of advocacy at the CGCN Group. “A Biden administration will have to work constructively with Leader McCarthy and his conference to get meaningful legislation passed.”

CGCN’s Antonia Ferrier, John Stipicevic and Scott Riplinger named “Top Lobbyists” by The Hill.

"CGCN Group, has diversified its business during the Trump administration in ways that could make it easier to endure Democratic control of Washington. The firm has partnered with the Democratic lobbyists Mike Williams and Jennifer Stewart on a bipartisan lobbying offering that aims to find common ground between Democratic lawmakers of color and conservative Republicans who represent some of the country’s poorest congressional districts."

"Creative tactics to build coalitions are also playing out, like the work by Sam K. Geduldig, a Republican former Capitol Hill aide turned lobbyist who has dozens of clients ranging from Boeing to Disney. He has teamed up with firms run by Black and Hispanic lobbyists to try to patch together the votes needed for liability coverage to be included in the relief package."

“[Memora Health] says its automated and text-based process reduces the time doctors need to spend on the phone with patients and could help provide the government with valuable data about the spread of the virus. To get that information in the hands of the right people, the firm is working with the CGCN Group, a Washington lobbying firm run by Republicans with close ties to the Trump administration."