The first bipartisan, majority-minority owned government relations
and public affairs firm in Washington

United By Interest is what we like to call a “family of families,” and CGCN is proud to be a part of it. In a world of partisan gridlock, success is found through unlikely allies coming together, ignoring opposing politics, and focusing on common interests. We believe that when it comes to winning policy votes on Capitol Hill, labels matter, often more than the issue itself. That is what makes United By Interest so essential and so unique: the joint venture between CGCN and United by Interest is the only one in Washington that reflects the politics of diversity in America.


Featured Project: The GAIIN Act (HR6104)

Uniting both political bases: building a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Washington is talking about infrastructure. But major roadblocks remain. Raising taxes on the poorest Americans is a non-starter with the base Membership of both parties (Freedom Caucus/RSC/CBC/CHC Members). Both parties are wary of skyrocketing national debt. Our team worked with a diverse array of lawmakers to identify an innovative funding solution and build a diverse coalition of support rooted in common needs.

“The GAIIN Act is an example of an alternative solution that deserves consideration to achieve our shared goal for a better American infrastructure in our communities most in need.” — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

Unique Bipartisan Coalition: Co-Sponsors to the GAIIN Act, H.R. 6104


CGCN Group has formalized our relationship with four Democratic firms with deep ties to the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses: D. Morgan & Partners, Stewart Strategies & Solutions, The Williams Group and Velasquez & Associates.