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We connect our clients with the people who will decide the fate of their legislative and regulatory priorities. We help clients see around corners so they are better prepared for what’s ahead. Learn More


We help clients amplify their message in the corridors of power – and beyond – to shape public-policy debates with the voters and opinion-makers who are increasingly influential in this process. Learn More




The business of government affairs is evolving quickly. This era of deep distrust of government and big corporations requires companies, industry groups and even non-profits to make their case directly to voters and activists back home, not just policymakers in Washington. We help clients craft successful strategies to shape those policy and regulatory debates.

Our newly expanded team connects business leaders with key Republicans in the capital, as well as the media outlets that shape public perception of individual policy debates. We have close ties to members of Congress, top committee and leadership aides and a broad range of outside opinion-makers – policy experts, columnists and the beat reporters whose stories define an issue.

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